Music Tickets

HOW DO I GET MUSIC TICKETS? You can get tickets to all of our shows on our MUSIC calendar. Click into the show that you’d like to see, & you’ll see link. Follow that to & buy! You can also purchase tickets at our hostess stand on the evening of your visit (provided the event isn’t sold out) but know that there may be an Advance price & a Day of Show price. NOTE: OUR ONLY TICKET VENDOR IS TICKETFLY!

DO I NEED TO PRINT MY TICKETS? You do not! We’ll have you on the Pre-Sold List at the hostess stand, so come on in & tell us your name (or the name used to purchase those tickets if it’s not yours.)

I'M OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. AND TICKETFLY ISN'T LETTING ME BUY TICKETS. HELP! Since different banks have different address verifications &, as a measure against fraudulent purchases, some really crack down on purchases being made for an event in one country while your postal code is in another. A few pieces of advice from TicketFly:

  • Try a different card from a different bank. The requirements may be different.

  • Try entering your postal code as all 0s.

  • Call TicketFly’s customer service. Have the name, date & time of the show you want to see & they can help you through it. They can be reached at 1-877-435-9849

WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND? All pre-sold tickets are non-refundable unless the show is cancelled.

Seating & Dining 

DO I NEED TO RESERVE A TABLE?  We strongly encourage reservations & advance purchases of tickets as many of our shows sell out.

ARE THERE OPTIONS FOR MY DIETARY NEEDS?  Take a look at our menus here & feel free to reach out  with your specific requirements. Any special menu requests should be made well in advance & in combination with a table reservation & ticket purchase.

IS DINING AVAILABLE IN THE RAMP ROOM?  We will occasionally offer table service at Ramp Room shows. Open Table will show reservation options for the Saloon & Ramp Room when dining is available upstairs, but you’re always welcome to call at 504-267-4863 or send us an email to find out as well. For the most part, however, all Ramp Room shows are Standing Room Only.

CAN YOU SPLIT OUR CHECK? We can split a check four ways for our smaller tables. We are unable to split checks for tables of 10 or more.

HOW LARGE OF A GROUP CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE FOR PUBLIC DINING? We can accommodate large groups in the Saloon, however, there are special parameters for large group dining. Please email or call us for our large group policy and to book your group.

WHAT IF I NEED TO CANCEL MY TABLE? Table reservations can be cancelled at anytime either over the phone or through Open Table, On certain holidays you may incur a late cancellation penalty if your table is cancelled less than 72 hours before the event.


Photo Policy

MAY I TAKE PHOTOS? We are always thrilled to see our space, stages & dishes on social media so we welcome compact cameras and camera phones. Any musician may ask that you not photograph or film their show, & we will stand behind that artist when those requests are made.

Shooting with a professional rig requires the consent of the venue & the artist & photo/filming is available only during the first 3 songs.

Regardless of what you’re shooting with, TURN OFF YOUR FLASH. Please don’t blind our musicians, staff or guests.

Getting Here

WHERE DO I PARK? There are street meters & multiple parking lots surrounding the Little Gem Saloon. These lots are not affiliated with us, so please be sure sure you pay to park. They will boot you.

CAN I WALK THERE FROM THE QUARTER? You can, but it's hot! Why not get a pedicab or take the streetcar? 

WHAT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION WILL GET ME TO THE GEM? We are located on the Rampart-St. Claude streetcar line & the RTA numbers 16 & 28 stop right outside our doors.

CAN I USE MY RESTAURANT.COM COUPON FOR THE MUSIC CHARGE? You cannot. We are happy to apply your balance to your food and drink, but we cannot put it towards your music charge.

Everything else...

CAN I BRING THE KIDS? We occasionally will have 21+ shows, & those will be clearly marked as such, but we we are an all-ages music venue. We have a menu specially made for the wee ones, crayons at the hostess stand & highchairs. Children are welcomed at a reduced or free ticket price, depending on their age. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the artist who you are coming to see, as some of our performers may have mature themes in their shows & in their banter.

DO YOU HAVE WHEELCHAIR ACCESS? Yes, we offer full wheelchair accessibility on both floors & have an elevator for our guests as well.

IS THERE A DRESS CODE? While we operate a relaxed dress code, most people choose to dress smart casual.

MAY I SMOKE IN THE DINING ROOM? No. Little Gem Saloon is a fully non-smoking venue.  We offer a wraparound balcony & a courtyard for smokers.

In 2012, the Bazan family set out to restore Little Gem Saloon with an eye for historic preservation & a passion for Jazz.  The family transformed Little Gem into a two-story private event space, restaurant & live music venue that harkens back to the days when the Gem was the jazz corner of New Orleans.

115 years since it first opened its doors, the restoration of the Little Gem Saloon marks the resurrection of this historic area as the heart of New Orleans’ Jazz.